Jeffrey Weiss

“I have always tried to write with compassion if the people who I’m writing about are entitled to it.”

“I have always believed that journalism, if done properly, is at least an incremental benefit to the world,” Weiss said. Photo by Alexis Rosebrock
Weiss, who has has been a reporter since 1981, now considers himself partly retired after the discovery of his cancer. He continues to write for The Dallas Morning news in his spare time. Photo by Alexis Rosebrock
Jeffrey Weiss explains to his audience how he used his reporting strategy to learn about glioblastoma, his form of brain cancer, and continues to apply it to treatment plans. Photo by Alexis Rosebrock
Tom Huang moderates Jeffrey Weiss’ session on telling his personal narrative in the midst of cancer. Photo by Alexis Rosebrock.
Veteran reporter Jeffrey Weiss shares how he remains positive in the face of cancer at the Mayborn Literary Conference on July 22, 2017. Photo By Alexis Rosebrock


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