Best quotes from 2018 Lit Con

The Mayborn High School journalism camp has been amazing. Spending time with people who have the same love of journalism I do, being around some of the most well-known minds in journalism, and getting to spend a lot of time (including eating and sleeping) at a college campus was an eye opening experience that excites me for my future. I learned how important the truth in journalism is, especially in a time when fake news is prolific, and particularly inspiring were the two keynote speakers Friday and Saturday night at the convention. Diana B. Henriques and Lindy West are ambitious, courageous women, and as they shared their stories about their lives in journalism, I found myself scribbling down more and more quotes. So here’s a treat for all those who missed it: the best quotes from the weekend with some photos from my journey along the way.

diana 1


lindy 4.0.jpg


lindy 3


lindy 4


lindy 2


diana 2.0 (1)


last one


My Post (1)


diana 5.0



Plus a bonus quote from my amazing workshop leader Leah Waters, said while we were discussing how to report on the Mayborn conference:


plus one

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